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  • $3,300.00


    Discover Amsterdam’s beautiful canals with a scenic cruise, relax and enjoy with your partner the most beautiful canals in the world. Get the opportunity to visit Rijks Museum and learn

  • European Safety, Reliability & Data association seminar – Spain

    Exchange of information regarding current research on reliability and safety. Safety and Reliability is an important component while designing a system. This seminar is taking place on 23-24 October 2019.

  • Health and Safety Seminar – London

    International conference taking place in London, invites management representatives and human resource professionals to learn and discuss on comprehensive updates on upcoming and latest trends in workplace law and labour

  • $3,300.00

    Paris Tour

    Paris the land of Eiffel tower one of the wonders of the world and also a hub for beautiful romantic destinations, discover the wine and cheese culture and experience contemporary

  • $500.00

    Rome city tour

    Rome is the hub of historic and cultural heritage. Explore Vatican, Colosseum museum and Sistine Chapel with our expert guide. Have a great experience and learn about importance of its

  • $3,100.00


    Travel to the most beautiful places in Switzerland. Discover Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne and know about the romantic destinations to be a part of. Get couple discounts and book immediately.